OLIVIO ♂ – born 03/2017

We really want you to understand our Chocholate Boy, so we’re going to tell you a bit about his past. From his earliest days, Olivio didn’t have anyone’s hand to pet him, he didn’t have a Man who could call him his own. No one ever wanted to show him that our world is big and bright, that there is a beautiful world outside his fears. So, Olivio grew up alone, appreciating only dogs company because it gave him sense of belonging and comfort for his broken heart. Dogs are his world, especially the big ones because they make him feel protected, and he doesn’t make a difference between males and females. After months of work he accepted a leash and started to enjoy long walks with his roomates. Olivio has a long way ahead of him, but you know what is said: begginings are always the hardest, and our boy bravely managed to overcome them. Olivio finally has a female friend who’s giving her best for him to finally be seen and be the chosen one for someone. Someone who is willing to show him that there is so much more to experience in his life. Ideal home for Olivio is the one with very patient people who are ready to give him time to meet them and of course, the one with at least one more set of paws. After he spent his whole life in the shelter, he really deserves the best.

Olivio is microchipped, vaccinated and castrated. He has 20 kg and is 54 cm tall.