OSLO ♂ – born 01/2020

Oslo, the gentle spirit of the Shelter. All the fears of his youth are gathered in this handsome boy. Fear of being(again) abandoned, fear of beng (again) betrayed, fear of being (again) disappointed. So Oslo grew up without ever feeling what it was like to be a carefree kid. He grew old too early, just like Benjamin Button – the old man in the boy’s body. This World was too scary for Oslo when he arrived to us, but we are proud of him for overcoming the hardest. Now he bravely enjoy walking on the leash, loves new adventures outside the Shelter (even with strangers). We are so happy he has a roommate, with whom he becomes for the first time a carefree young man who can play and jump all day and night. Oslo is now a boy in love who is willing to give up of the place in his bed or let the last piece of his food to his girlfriend. We enjoy looking at him acting as a brave knight who defends “his little girl”. After we “pushed” him into the World, we want to believe that there is someone who wants to lead him through that World. We know from experience that the Shelter is not an ideal place for dogs like Oslo, who value the peace of home, and the company of another dog is something he truly needs. Oslo loves all dogs and cats and we are looking for a peaceful family where he will finally be able to let that old soul sleep and wake up the cheerful guy inside.

Oslo is microchipped, vaccinated and castrated. He has 20 kg and is 52 cm tall.