OYA ♀ – born 2014

Tiny little Oya comes to the shelter for the second time. She was rescued from the street with her newborn babies two years ago, and after she was stopped feeding the babies she was adopted. Unfortunately, after two years she returns to the shelter as a “consumed toy”. We decided to look at the positive side, like Oya’s real chance to find a true forever home. Oya suffers in the shelter, she is used to live in warm home, sleeping on the couch. It is not easy for her to share us with the rest of the dogs in the shelter. It’s hard to watch a dog of 6 kilos behind the cage crying for her bed so we hope that our tiny princess will soon find a place she can call her own. Little girl sometimes forget how small she is, trying to be dominant with other dogs, but with a bit of correction she quickly understand how she must behave. We still need to introduce her with cats.

In the new home she comes vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized.