OZIRIS ♂ – born 12/2016

A little “ridiculous” Oziris, as we call him with love, doesn’t not stop pushing his small muzzle wherever he goes, because of his great desire to be noticed, cuddled and chosen. Oziris doesn’t need company of other dogs, he doesn’t play with other young dogs in the yard, doesn’t look at girls, doesn’t seek for conflicts. Oziris seeks and needs only his people. Because of his great desire, sometimes he doesn’t have good start with people, and he gets a bit scared of men or children. His ideal home would be either without children or with older children where he wouldn’t have to be afraid of unpredictable baby’s moves and where he would simply enjoy his much-deserved happiness. Little boy walks perfectly on the leash, gets along with other dogs, and is also familiar with cars.

He is microchipped and vaccinated, and soon he will be neutered.Weight: 15 kg.