PAN ♂ – born 12/2017

Pan is a special boy. He came to us when he was only 4 months old, along with five brothers and sisters. All of them were so shy and insecure. It took him a long time to start to believe us and to forget all the fears he had faced as a baby. Now Pan still mostly lays to the floor when we approach him to cuddle or to put him on the leash. He is extremely humble little boy. Once he goes for a walk, he walks perfectly. Pan is a wonderful friend with all dogs. Never fight, never nervous and also very submissive. Also, he gets along with cats. We believe our dear boy will be the most trusted friend you could imagine. For now, he feels our shelter as a home and we see with how much joy he returns to his box. So one day he will feels the same with his forever home. If you truly want to save someone’s life, Pan is the best example. A gentle boy, with a wounded soul needs patience and gentle people to provide him love and security that he needs so much. He will be so grateful and his family will enjoy looking how he blossom.
Pan is a wonderful mix of Alaskan Malamute and Belgian shepherd.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. Weight: ca 20 kg. Height: 55 cm. Thank you Anita Sossalla for sponsoring Pan! 🙂