PENNEY ♀ – born 09/2018

You know the feeling when you fall in love with someone at first sight, from 20 meters distance? When your eyes meet, your face stretches into a smile and your heart melts from grace. Well, this will happen to you when you see Penney. To you and to her. Because she is pure Love. She will give you her heart as soon as you speak to her. Penney doesn’t know other way. She simply watches the world through the pink glasses and won’t let anything spoil her mood. Penney is a beautiful, big and soft girl. We would like to put our facees in her rich hair and stay there all day. She adores people, dogs and cats. She meets dogs very charmingly and then she like to flirts with them, with constantly wagging her tail. She is pure perfection!

Penney is vaccinated, microchipped and soon sterilized. She is 60 cm tall and has about 20 kilos. Thank you Bianca Strebl for sponsoring Penney! 🙂