PLUTON ♂ – born 06/2018

Please take a moment to read Pluton’s story. Pluton spent the first year of his life in an apartment from which he never went out for a walk. He arrived at the shelter deeply frightened by the outside world. He spent almost 1,5 year with us watched everything around him with fear. He didn’t trust to those who walked with him or drove him to the sea and neither to us volunteers who were with him every day. Until 3 weeks ago when he went to a temporary home for socialization. And that’s where Pluton’s real story begins. Just 3 weeks was enough for Pluton to start to trust people. To make a connection, deep and friendly. To enjoy life, restrainedly, like some English gentleman. It took only 3 weeks for the boy who was shaking when someone touched him to finally start enjoying cuddling. Pluton is an extremely modest, neat and decent dog. Perfect on a leash, he loves driving in a car. He also adores his dog’s friends, both males and females. We’ve never had a dog that copies his roommates so much. For him would be ideal that he has a dog’s friend at home. You can spend the whole day with him on the beach / in a cafe / on the sofa / on a walk. It’s all ok with Pluton. He follows you and adapts to you and the situation. He is cautious and shy with new people. We know that most people want a dog that will immediately throw into their arms and kiss them. But we hope that there are those among you who will have a little patience until that happened.

Pluton is microchipped, vaccinated and castrated. He weighs 14 kg and is 45 cm tall. Thank you Silvia Wantscher for sponsoring Pluton! 🙂