RAFI ♀ – born 07/2018

Rafi has a uniquely smiling and at the same time shy face. A gentle little girl stole our hearts at first sight. When you approach her, she will shy away, sometimes closing her eyes, until the moment you touch her. Then she will just want to climb into your arms and will not stop kissing you. It looks like she is telling us that is what she wanted all her life and was experienced totally the opposite. Rafi is an irresistible creature. There is so much humility and kindness in her, that it break our hearts. Today, she goes for regular walks outside the shelter and really enjoys it. The noise of the shelter is very difficult for her. For Rafi, we are looking for a gentle family with whome this beautiful little girl will finally be able to be relaxed and careless. She gets along well with all dogs and is perfect on a leash.

Rafi is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She weighs 16 kg and is 45 cm tall.