RIO ♂ – born 08/2017

Rio, Pancho and Ernesto are true charmers in our shelter. They came to us as adorable identical black babies which unfortunately no one noticed because of their black color. As they grew, they became even more beautiful and kind. They are extremely friendly, very playful and affectionate to people. Now, in their teens age, they start to show their enormous desire for people. When they come out of the box they rarely run and explore, they mostly stay around us and enjoy cuddling. They look like a mini version of a labrador retriever. Neither small or large, just perfect! And so irresistible that we really don’t understand how come they are not adopted yet. They get along both with male and female dogs, we haven’t tested them with cats yet.

Rio (and other boys) are vaccinated, microchipped and soon to be castrated. They have about 15 kg and are 50 cm high.