RUDOLF ♂ – born 05/2017

This beautiful teddy bear probably spent his whole life on the street. He learned that life is cruel, that he has to manage on his own, that he has to be patient and sometimes invisible in order to survive. Rudolf has all the gentleness and wisdom of this world in his eyes. His follows us with his look, like he is asking what we want, he will do anything for us. This wonderful boy has a calm energy, he meets all the dogs very politely and stays always by our side while walking. Rudolf needs to live a true life, and we see how much he can’t wait for it. Dear boy have to discover what it means to have his own bed in a safe place, his own man in whose arms he will be able to cuddle and fall asleep peacefully without worrying about what he will eat tomorrow. He is very neat and quiet in his cage, patiently waiting for his turn to go for a walk.

Rudolf is vaccinated, microchipped and will soon be castrated. He is 64 cm tall and weighs about 27 kg. Thank you Gordana Trajković for sponsoring Rudolf! 🙂