RUNA ♀ – born 2016

Our Runa was brought in front of the door of the shelter with her two, just a few days old babies. Slim, exhausted and traumatized, desperately guarding her babies, she was afraid of our every move. Fear in her golden eyes broke our heart, and Runa had become our little princess, guarded and loved, cuddled with gentleness. Day after day, she learned that she can love us back, and 3 months later, Runa is one of the loveliest and best behaved dogs in the shelter. During walking, she is not separating from people, and if she goes 10 meters away, she returns cheerfuly on every call. So kind and beautiful dog will steal your heart in a moment. Runa is a mixed German Shepherd, 25 kilos weight. She is great with other dogs and she didn’t meet cats yet.

In the new home she comes vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. Height: 61 cm.