SALLY ♀ – born 08/2016

Sally and her brother Monk are “Utinja children”, they came from one of the worst shelter in Croatia. Rescued with 8 months, they came to us and they did not know anything at all. Terrified and distant, they looked at the world from the distance, so we gave them time to adapt to the new situation.
Sally needed some time to relax and realize that she came to the place full of love, that she has a new beginning where only beautiful things are waiting for her. In a couple of weeks she learned to walk on the leash, she accepted the company of other dogs with such joy and now the relaxed young girl is ready to impress her family. Quiet and stabile, full of love for all people, she would be perfect for a family with little children who would grow up and learn with her. Sally still has a look and joy of a puppy.

She is microchipped, vaccinated and spayed. Weight: 16 kg.