ŠARKA ♀ – born 07/2014

Miss Sarka is a real guard dog and we’ll tell you why. Her whole life she’s had to take care of herself, protect herself from beatings that are dealt out like candy in Roma settlements: slaps, sling shots, ear pulling, being used as a means of transport and who knows what other kinds of games played in those parts. She was pregnant when we took her over and concerned about her pups, we were all unknown to her so she considered us a potential threat and treated us like enemies. Over time she accepted and came to love us and now she protects us and the entire shelter. This doesn’t mean that she is looking for a home in the form of a big space that she’d guard, on the contrary, we’d like Šarka to finally be able to retire, take a break and transform into a carefree house pet. A house with an enormous yard is an option, after all she has spent all her life on the street and likes her freedom.

Sarka has been vaccinated, spayed and has a microchip. Thank you Silvia & Roland Christ for sponsoring Sarka! 🙂

Weight: 20 kg