SERENA ♀ – born 09/2017

If Serena could be a character from some fairy tale, she would definitely be Cinderella. So humble and kind, so grateful to the second chance she got in her life. When she arrived, she was so scared and hiding behind her bed. But, little girl relaxed unexpectedly fast, and showed us how wonderful she is. Now she is happily welcoming us from her box. The most beautiful characteristic she showed us is her loyalty. When she comes out of the box, she is right next to our legs. When she walks on the leash, she follows our tempo, literally leaning on our leg. We don’t feel her at all. She is endlessly kind and gentle. Serena quickly become attached to her roommate, so she would enjoy with another dog friend in the family. Our princess is a beautiful and gentle soul that gets along with everyone.

Serena is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She has about 22 kg. Thank you Nadia Višković, Tanja Terlević and Anita Sossalla for sponsoring Serena! 🙂