SHARKA ♀ – born 06/2019

You know those dogs who have been at the shelters since birth, who don’t know what human touch means, don’t know about running in meadows, enjoying the game, and laughing from ear to ear. They come to us and in just a few days, they experience it all. However, their humble souls are not yet able to accept it all at once, but they shyly let that feeling of happiness overwhelm them, looking at us with a look that seems to ask is it true? Are they allowed? We can’t tell you what a wonderful feeling it is. We are in paradise then. We watch them relax and become the happiest dogs in the world. These dogs never forget to be grateful and these dogs are friends you can only wish for. Sharka is one of them. You can see those moments of her shy happiness in the video. She gets along great with everyone, she is perfect on a leash.

Sharka is vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized. She weighs about 20 kg and is 50 cm high.