SHERIF ♂ – born 2008

Currently there is no sweeter dog in the shelter than our beloved old boy Sheriff’s. He came to us on New Year’s Eve, frightened, saved from running on the main road between the cars. He was in desperate condition, bad looking skin, without hair, with the tumor of his testicles. With the first two or three days of adjustment, Sheriff quickly realized that he had come to the place where he will be treated as a little prince. Amazing little dog has won our hearts, and he accepted us as if he had always been with us. He completely recovered from operation of removing tumor, determined to spend many years in dry, warm and quiet place, so grateful for the new opportunity. Now Sherif is healthy as a young boy, spending days sitting on a couch in our living room or in his small and warm box in quarantine playing with balls. Believe it or not, this old boy is crazy about balls, rubber bones, or toys of any kind, never tired of throwing, catching, and hunting. Every day we laugh watching him in his crazy episodes. Small Sheriff is only 5 kilos weight, agrees with all the dogs, and we believe that cats will not be a problem since they are almost bigger than him.

In his Forever playground he comes vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. Thank you Elke Roldan Espana for sponsoring Sherif! 🙂