SISSI ♀ – born 08/2017

Sissi seemed to have come out of the story of Pippi Longstocking. She is so playful and curious, gentle and cheerful. When she leaves the shelter for a walk, she is interested in everything, but not impulsive, she cautiously reveals the world around. We assume that there is at least a little bit of Shar Pei inside of her, because of the excess skin on her face. Sissi is so positive that she instantly put a smile on people’s face. Even though she has lived on a street without a homeowner, it seems like nothing bad has ever happened in her life.. she is completely carefree. She is very desirous for people and grateful for every touch. And she is good with all dogs, both males and females.

A smart girl is microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized. She has about 15 kg.