SISSY ♀ – born 2015

Sissy is a beautiful shepard mix with great personality who is totally in love with people. She came in the shelter from the dog pound, in high stage of pregnancy and after 2 days she gave birth to 11 puppies. Unfortunately, she was in bad state and because of that, only 2 babies survived. Our hearts broke when we first saw her. She was walking skeleton full of dirty hair, scared because she didn’t know what is going to happen to her. In the begining she was very frightened and distrustful to all of us, always protecting her babies, with minimal contact with people. After few weeks, she blossomed into a beautiful soul, full of kindness and tenderness. Now she enjoys human company and cuddling. This princess is not interested in many things except being our shadow. When she gets out of the box, she is not interested in running or other dogs, she just looks where we are, looks for eye contact and placing herself in our laps. Slowly, she started to eat, first only in our company and later all by herself. Now she has gained a few kilos, her soft hair is like silk and her eyes looks like deer’s eyes. Sissy is beautiful dog who is looking for her “family on a white horse”. She is still a bit „sharp“ with other dogs because of babies, but we believe this will change soon. There is nothing bad in her soul. Obviously, Sissy didn’t have a nice past, but we will try to make sure that her future will be golden.

She has about 30 kilos. She is microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed.