SOFI ♀ – born 12/2016

Sofi and her sister Azra are two gentle souls waiting for their time to come. When we say “waiting for their time to come,” we want to say that they are waiting for those special people with big hearts who are able to see things which are invisible to many people. People who can look beyond just “black, skinny, ordinary dogs”. We are waiting for people who will fall in love with Azra’s tenderness and Sofi’s shyness, someone who will see the most faithful dogs in the world, the most lovable and patient. They are waiting so long for their own people. Both are real little girls, though they are a bit on a distance to the unknown. Azra is more relaxed, she is more approaching and curiously sniffing new people while Sofia is more distanced, she needs a little time to accept new situations and new people in her life. Unfortunately, their childhood in the shelter can’t be changed but we can change the rest of their lives. By adopting one of these young girls you will get a friend and a shadow for a lifetime. With little patience and love, they will learn how to walk on a leash, they will enjoy driving in car, and your future with them will be amazing . They adore other animals.

Both Azra and Sofi are microchipped and vaccinated, and sterilized. We adopt them separately. Weight: 15 kg. Thank you Monika Wägner for sponsoring Sofi! 🙂