TEO ♂ – born 08/2019

Beautiful young Teo. A shy boy who came to us in the company of his sister Fea. Teo, who has obviously used to be somewhere in the background all his life. Invisible, gentle and patient. It only took him a little encouragement to come out of the shadows and gives us confidence and his irresistible smile. Teo is pure goodness and innocence. Today, Teo walks beautifully on a leash and enjoys cuddling. He gets along great with all dogs. And we are the happiest because he still has his whole life ahead of him to meet all the beauties he wishes for and will never dare to ask. Because that’s how he is, modest and unobtrusive.

Teo is vaccinated, chipped and castrated. He weighs about 20 kg and is 52 cm tall. Thank you Nadia Višković and family Landgraf for sponsoring Teo! 🙂