TINA ♀ – born 2014.

TINA is a dog from a terrible shelter “Udruga Capica” in Rijeka. She is one of the “outdoor” member of the pack who didn’t live in boxes. She wandered arround finding ways to get food begging people in front of stores. She experienced kicking and throwing stones countless time, so she realized that people are not to be approached if she wants to survive. Tina’s fear was horrible after she was caught and placed in safe. When someone entered in her space, she tried to become invisible. She scratched against the wall trying to escape and run away as far as possible. Tina is now learning that people aren’t evel. Now she loves cuddling and enjoys more in it. She is slowly learning to walk with a leash and she is making a good progress. Tina is a young dog and we are sure that she would progress even faster if she had patient and willing people by her side. She gets along with other dogs too. We are looking for patient and responsible people for Tina, who are willing to invest little more time and a lot more love for which they would get wonderful and loyal dog in return.

Tina is a small dog, she has about 11 kg, she is vaccinated, spayed and she has a microchip. Thank you Heike Wrobel for sponsoring Tina! 🙂