TORINO ♂ – born 05/2016

Torino is a small unfortunate dog whose destiny we are trying to change from his puppy age. For a long time, he shared a box with his sister to which he was very attached, but she was adopted, and he remained with us, even more sadly than before. Torino is so miserable in his box, he always weeps and invites us to help, and when he’s out of box, he doesn’t know where to go from so much happiness. He would like go into our pocket, that much he needs for to be close to people. It is heartbroken every time we have to bring him back to the box. Too much changes in his childhood makes him a little insecured, so sometimes he doesn’t know how to react with other dogs, but not in the bigger groups, only when he is one to one. He is excellent on the leash, very polite in the apartment, and we didn’t notice any problems with cats. His people must know that little Torino is a wonderful soul who will give them the best of him, with a bit of exercise and patience.

He is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Weight: 18 kg. Thank you Tajana Stanković and Doris Göbel for sponsoring Torino! 🙂