WILMA ♀ – born 01/2014

Wilma is a dog who spend over a year in kill shelter Utinja. No one ever looked at her because she is „ugly“. Can you imagine box with over 20 dogs fighting for human attention and just a little touch. In that crowd Wilma was always pushing away because she is „ugly“. When we pull her out of the box, she couldn’t belive that we are talking to her. She was standing in the corner. We were placed her in the van and she was so confused thinking this must be a mistake. Like she didn’t deserve it.
Next few days showed us that Wilma is completely a new dog. Below her dark hair we found a beautiful cheerful girl, with wonderful character, so attached to the human. Green grass and freedom makes her unconditionaly happy and even more attach to people. She jump around us like a ping-pong ball giving kisses. She lives in the box with one male dog and they are best friends. We believe that she can be friend with female dogs also. Wilma was „ugly“ to the most of the people and because of that she was punished to death. We are calling her Wilma the beautyful, and she is so proud and happy like she understand that we really mean it. Those who can look with the heart will recognize a beautiful creature who is made to be loved.

Our beautiful Wilma is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. Weight: 23 kg.