XIA ♀ – born 05/2017

Xia is a gentle mom who came to us with her two puppies. At first she was suspicious but soon she slowly became relaxed and showed us her wonderful nature. Deep inside her is a little playful girl who just starting to discover the world of playing. Xia is a wonderful friend to her roommate Bond, a curious and agile little girl who spread nothing but goodness around her. She is friendly to all dogs and at the first meeting she is completely submissive. For Xia, we have no special requirements for adoption, she is a dear dog who just wants to be gently loving and she will return that love multiple times. It takes only a little patience to relax with the new people. She is much more relaxed in the house or apartment, but out there she is playful and insecure about the leash. This is something she still needs to learn.

Xia is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. She has 12 kg. Height: 43 cm. Thank you Željka Pavić for sponsoring Xia! 🙂